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The Most Popular Japanese Restaurant in the World

The Most Popular Japanese Restaurant in the World

It takes a strong normality in serving to be able to make this delicious dish from the land of cherry blossoms. However, there are a number of restaurants that have succeeded in serving it perfectly. Here are Japanese restaurants located in countries outside of Japan that are able to serve really good Japanese food, reported on our website

1. Jorudan Sushi Naples, Italy

The sushi menu in this area is well prepared, so that it gets the highest rating as a Japanese restaurant outside of Japan. Naples is the top three of the 1,250 Japanese restaurants available in the world.

2. Sushic Fusao Almada, Portugal

This is the number one restaurant in all of Almada, a town outside of Lisbon. This restaurant is praised for its delicious taste of Japanese food and super friendly restaurant staff. They are also fluent in Portuguese.

3. Sake2Me Sushi Hays, United States

Even though this is just a small restaurant on the outskirts of Kansas, their fish menu is truly made fresh.

4. Sushi Rock Hawi, Hawaii

This restaurant is located on the Island of Hawaii, where many Japanese people travel. So, it makes sense that this sushi restaurant has extraordinary taste.

5. Uchi Austin, United States of America

It is ranked 2nd out of three thousand restaurants available in Austin, Texas and 5th in the world for the quality of its Japanese cuisine. This restaurant deserves to be visited by travelers.

6. Japanese Buckwheat Noodles Tsuta

Diners should plan a visit to be able to dine at the popular Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta, but it will definitely be worth the business. This restaurant distributes coupons in the morning to customers who are lining up for lunch and dinner facilities. The unique savory soup and perfectly cooked noodles attract local and tourist visitors every day.

7. Narisaw

Reservations are a must for tasting dishes at Narisawa, a popular restaurant owned by renowned chef Yoshihiro Narisawa. Menus are prepared omakase (which means “to your heart’s content”) style, with new items created daily based on the freshest proteins, spices, and ingredients available in season. This restaurant is committed to food innovation and sustainability, and also produces minimal food waste.

8. Florilege

Amidst the ramen and sushi restaurants in Tokyo, you might be surprised to find a variety of French-inspired bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. One of the best areas to sample fine French food is Florilege, a stylishly designed restaurant in Shibuya. Its unique menu combines traditional French fare with popular Japanese flavours. As guests are invited to watch the chefs cook, the dining experience at Florilege is an added delight to all of your senses.


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