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The Hype Bar in Jakarta

The Hype Bar in Jakarta

There are many bars in Jakarta that you can visit as fun hangout places. This metropolitan city has many choices of bars with various choices of atmosphere and interesting themes to suit your taste. Starting from bars with live music, classy rooftop bars, to bars with a casual atmosphere at affordable prices.

The same bar is also with a more cozy and exclusive atmosphere. A special socialization community can form indirectly in a bar. The bar is also the same with a menu of liquor, cocktails and other types of drinks that are not usually found in public areas or cafes. Looking for fun bars in Jakarta? Here are some tips on bars in Jakarta that you can visit hobstoughton.

1. Beer Garden SCBD

Beer Garden is a well-known bar in Jakarta with many branches, one of which is located in SCBD, Senayan. For those of you who like hanging out at night in a cool and relaxed semi-outdoor atmosphere, Beer Garden is the perfect location to hang out while drinking beer with friends or work colleagues.

2. Camden Bar

Still located in the SCBD area, there is a bar that is no less interesting called Camden Bar. This bar also has a romantic outdoor seating area at night. Camden provides an extensive drink menu as well as a wide selection of beers at affordable prices. You can also order side dishes such as pizza, salad, soup and other fast food.

3. Melly’s Garden Bar & Resto

Next, there is a hangout area that is famous for its friendly service, namely Melly’s Garden & Resto. Not only drinking beer and snacks, you can also order food that fills your stomach at this one bar. For those of you who are curious about Korean liquor, Melly’s Garden sells Korean soju that is just as delicious as beer. The location of this bar can be a place to hang out and enjoy with your friends.

4. Yesterday Backyard

If you are an outdoor lover with a unique rustic decor, you can stop by Yesterday Backyard in South Jakarta. This bar is not only known as a drinking area with a beer menu, but also sells a beautiful and elegant rustic atmosphere. You can choose a seat in the semi outdoor section to make it cooler. On certain nights, Yesterday Backyard has a live music stage for Motown songs.

5. Por Que No

Next is a sweet, home-style bar called Por Que No, not far from Menteng Park. The location is quite hidden, so the situation in this bar is quite calm. This bar has dark wall and floor decorations along with colorful contrasting furniture. The seating is really regular, quite spacious, giving a comfortable feeling to hang out at Por Que No.


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