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Here are the reasons why you should go to a music concert at least once

Here are the reasons why you should go to a music concert at least once

You might think that watching a live music concert has no benefits. Because it will only waste money or make you tired. But who would have thought, seeing musicians perform songs in front of thousands of audiences has benefits you never thought about before.

Yes, apart from being able to directly see the faces of our idols, music concerts also have benefits for our physical and mental health, you know. Therefore, this is the reason why you should at least go to a music concert, even if only once in your life.

Benefits of Music for the Human Body

Music causes psychological responses and physiological responses. Music can suppress or encourage the release of chemical signal neurotransmitters released by the brain. Slow, soothing music reduces the amount of noradrenaline released and can put you to sleep.

Meanwhile, loud and rhythmic music like at a concert can release adrenaline which increases enthusiasm. The pleasure we experience when listening to music also stimulates the release of dopamine. Music can also reduce feelings of sadness, improve cognitive abilities, reduce stress, and improve performance when under pressure.

However, for those of you who listen to music live, aka directly at a concert venue, quoted by farnam fest, Canadian researchers from McMaster University conducted research to find the reasons that make people attend concerts.

Good for Self Emotions

Going to concerts and hanging out with the same fandom, aka liking the same musicians, makes you feel like you’re not alone, you know. Even if you come alone to a concert, you still feel like there are a lot of people with you because you all like the same person, namely your idol.

These feelings create attachment to each other, so this is good for your emotional aspect. Additionally, listening to certain songs can make us nostalgic for various parts of our lives and bring back memories.

„This is an opportunity to revisit something inside you and think about where you are with that emotion now,“ said Thomas M. Beaudoin, a researcher from Fordham University, quoted by Melodic Magazine.

So, in conclusion, going to a concert still has benefits for our mind and body, you know. Of course, music and concerts can make your life more colorful and not flat. The good thing is, watching a concert also needs to be supported by a fit body condition, which can be obtained by consuming enough food. If this is the case, Chitato, which comes in the attractive flavors of Roasted Beef, Barbecue Chicken, Grilled Beef, Supreme Cheese and Original Flavor, can be your concert companion for snacking and filling up your energy. Instead of sitting around at home on 9 and 15 July 2023, it’s better to come to Indofood presents CXO Media Live on Stage!


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