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Getting to Know the Character of Australian Red Wine

Getting to Know the Character of Australian Red Wine

Did you know that our neighboring country, Australia, is the fifth largest exporter of red wine in the world?
Australia has more than 2 thousand red wine producers spread across around 65 regions who produce grapes for drinking.
The vast continent of Australia has different climates, topography and soil types. Therefore, Australia has various types of red wine, from Pinot Noir to Shiraz.
What are the characteristics and types of Australian red wine that we need to know to differentiate one wine from another? Get to know the types of red wine in Australia

Red wine is generally classified into 3 (three) characteristics: full-bodied, medium-bodied and light-bodied. These characteristic differences can be seen from color, tannin compound content, as well as aroma and taste.

Red wines that have “full-bodied” characteristics usually have a very dark color. The taste is very thick and makes you feel ‚full‘.
This type of red wine has a high tannin content so it often feels dry. However, this „full-bodied“ red wine lasts the longest, namely 4-5 days, from the first opening.

Typical Australian red wines of this type are Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.
The second characteristic is „medium-bodied“ which has a red color that is not too deep and has low tannin levels. The taste is not as bitter as “full bodied” but often has a spice nuanced aftertaste.

Wine that has these characteristics can be stored for 2-3 days from first opening. Merlot is the „medium-bodied“ variety most often found in Australia.

The final characteristic is that red wine is classified as „light-bodied“. This red wine has a lighter color than other red wines. The taste is very light with the aroma of berries, making red wine with this character popular with many people.

This character is somewhat different from the previous two characters. Red wine with this character has very low tannin levels and can only be cultivated in places with a cool climate.

Because it is very light, this red wine can only last a maximum of 1 day after it is first opened. More than 1 day will make the taste of red wine change to become very sour.

Type Combinations with Red Wine Producing Regions in Australia

Each wine producing region in Australia has its own specialty.
Even though one winery produces various types of red wine, the winery usually has one mainstay type of red wine.
Australia basically has a standard that is common knowledge for choosing red wine.

Red wine with “Full-bodied” character

The Shiraz variety is Australia’s mainstay and is Australia’s most famous export. Australia has the oldest Shiraz vineyard in the world, dating back to 1843. Shiraz has a characteristic strong taste with nuances of plum, cherry and blackberry.

Almost all wine regions in Australia develop Shiraz types. However, the most famous Shiraz comes from the Barossa Valley region.
Meanwhile, another „full-bodied“ type is Cabernet Sauvignon. This type is the third most developed in Australia after Shiraz and Chardonnay.

The spectrum of Cabernet Sauvignon flavors in Australia is diverse. Starting from very soft nuances of taste to very thick with very tasteful tannin content.
Due to its very high tannin content, Cabernet Sauvignon is very dry and its taste reminds us of the aroma of forests and herbs.
Red wines produced in Coonawara, Margaret River and Yarra Valley produce the best Cabernet Sauvignon in Australia. Visit milano wine club.


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